Working process of RestoDx
Restaurant Management Software

1 The customer checks in and is presented with a digital menu

The first step of modernizing the restaurant experience by RestoDx is by presenting the customers with a digital menu. Every customer gets a QR code on their table. Scanning the same will open the world of digital restaurant experience. Scanning the QR code opens the restaurant’s web application where they can see the latest menu with updated prices. They also get pop-ups of the special dish of the day.

2 Ordering food

The working restaurant management system by RestoDx aims at minimizing human interaction. So once the customers access their digital menu, they can directly order from there. Customers need to check the dishes they want, add them to their cart, and place an order.

3 Order notification

The order is sent to the management screen in the kitchen and at the owner’s desk. The chef gets a real-time update on what’s been ordered and what they have to prepare. This not only saves time in preparing multiple dishes repeatedly but also ensures quick serving to the customers.

4 Restaurant management

The owner gets a seamless restaurant management system and he can track the status of inventory, the status of orders, and customer’s wait time, and see the payment status too.

5 Check out

When the customers are ready to leave, they simply need to tap on the checkout button. They will get their total bill directly on the app itself. They will get the option to pay through the app via net banking, UPI, or other digital modes, or they can choose to pay via card or cash.

That’s it. Magic right from check-in to check-out.